by Bella Martinez

The Original Farmer’s Market is located at: 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Out of all the food joints in LA, I stumbled into the Original Farmer’s Market…

My adventure at the Original Farmer’s Market began with my sister and I not being able to decide where to eat before a concert we were attending later that evening. She had mentioned wanting to visit the Grove for the first time, and brought it up again as a possible location to eat at. After reading a few reviews, we took a chance and entered “The Grove” as our destination in Google Maps.

As soon as I saw the giant, department store-sized Topshop, I knew we’d made a good decision, but after a bit more exploring we stumbled into a hallway that took us into the Original Farmer’s Market.

In my overly dramatic opinion, stepping into this 1950’s looking scene was like stepping into another world. To paint you a picture, the Grove is well-manicured and high-end looking with fountains and polished shops, whereas the Original Farmer’s Market is loud, bustling, outdated (in a good way) and its primary color is red.

Maneuvering through the masses and looking at sign after sign was becoming stressful. I was starving, but what sounded good? My sister suggested we make a safe choice and eat at Maggiano’s at the Grove. Since there is something about LA that makes me feel bold and spontaneous, I decided to forget the safe choice and taste what the Original Farmer’s Market had to offer. Here’s what we had:

Waffle Shots

Macchiato in a Sea Salt & Caramel Cone + Milk in a Cookies & Cream Cone- $13

Waffle Shots offers cafe drinks served in an array of flavored cones. I ordered the  macchiato in a sea salt and caramel cone, and my sister ordered the cold milk in a cookies and cream cone.

Macchiatos are classically very tiny, in case you didn’t know, and the tiny size of the cone was perfect for a typical macchiato serving. However, I would be disappointed to order a coffee or latte (which generally come in a 12 oz or 16 oz size) and have it come in a shot-of-espresso sized cone. Not only that but the cone itself is very plain, not like a freshly baked cone you would get at an ice cream shop.

The only unique thing about the flavor of the cone is the coating, and I was not very wowed by the sea salt caramel. My sister was also not satisfied by a sip of milk in a cookie and cream flavored cone. Where Waffle Shots lacked in flavor however, it made up for in unique presentation, and thus goes down as one of the many places that has left me disenchanted with the eateries that have solely found their worth in being social media fodder.

Fritzi Coop

Saucy Buffalo Hot Wings & Tater Tots- $15.11

After partaking in a sweet, caffeinated bite we moved onto find something more substantial to eat and found ourselves at Fritzi Coop. The photos of fried chicken, hot wings and tater tots were eye candy to my hungry soul. Their menu is fairly simple, even reminiscent of In-N-Out or Raising Cane’s. I decided on the saucy buffalo hot wings and tater tots.

It was an 80+ degree day and two wings in, I was beginning to realize that this may not have been the best choice in outdoor temperatures like these. Nonetheless, the wings were better than any I’d been served at a Wing Stop or Buffalo Wild Wings, and at half the price might I add. In fact, I may even credit these as the best wings I’ve ever had.

The sauce was no doubt, classic Red Rooster, but what made these wings over the top delicious was their smokiness. Without the sauce, they were flavor-filled and with the sauce they were that much better. The tots were also freshly made, and crisped to perfection. A week later and I’m still craving Frtizi Coop. The bite I had of my sister’s fried chicken sandwich wasn’t bad either.

The Refresher

Medium Coca Cola- $2.50

I hadn’t had a drink with my hot wings, and perhaps this along with the jacket I was wearing and temperature contributed to the dehydration I felt after my meal. The quest was then to find a suitable beverage. Low and behold, we came across the Refresher, a shop that only sold sodas.

The “coke goes with anything” slogan is intrinsically true to my taste buds, so I ordered a coke. As this nice gentleman poured my drink, I asked to take a photo with him as I felt he and the Refresher fit the overall old fashioned vibe I got from the Original Farmer’s Market. Any moment, Socs and Greasers were going to pop out and start a rumble nearby, or race for pinks.


If you have been to the Original Farmer’s Market, you know the selection of vendors to eat at is large. I only managed to stop at three, leaving me with a desire to revisit and try new things. From nuts, to meats, fresh produce and handmade ice cream, visiting the Original Farmer’s Market will leave you wondering how you will find the time to try so many things in so little time. 

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