Hey there, honeys! We’re so glad you stumbled across our page. Now that you’ve found us, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves…

The West Coast Honeys are a group of four creative gals who met and became friends long before WCH was born. We became more than friends when we became coworkers at a woman owned and operated company. This incredible company allowed each of us ladies to cultivate our talents and experience, instilling in us a desire to keep on grinding and growing.

The West Coast Honeys began out of the belief, that with our forces combined, we could make something great. Together, we are a motley crew of women with diverse personalities and different backgrounds who want to show the world what a quartet of ladies can do when they come together in a positive way.

In today’s crazy, hectic world, us honeys believe there is still fun to be had and shared. We may be young and fun-loving, but don’t underestimate us honeys. We live life intentionally and passionately, with excellence and joy. Our goal is to share our adventures with you, and to encourage you as you journey through life. We invite you to come alongside of us.

Enough said, welcome to the honey-hood.

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