by Sara Martz

The hot October weather here in Southern California may not be ideal for fall lovers, but we have some great shows to put you in the autumn mood! Here is a list of all the shows we are binge watching this season!



With the first season being only 13 episodes, and the second season just beginning, we would say it is not too late to jump onto the Riverdale train. We admit, it’s not the coolest show to be bragging about in the office when you’re 26, but once you convince your co-workers that Cole Sprouse is actually 25, so it’s not weird anymore to love him, they will be hooked too. The show is set in the somber town of Riverdale, and follows Archie and his pals as they try to unlock the mystery of who murdered Jason Blossom. With a beautiful cast of unique characters, Riverdale will surely leave you on the edge of your seat and put you in the perfect spooky October mood.


Stranger Things

If you’re like us and love wallowing in 1980s nostalgia and coming of age films, you are sure to love Stranger Things. With Season 2 dropping right before Halloween, Stranger Things is a must see show to add to your spooky thriller vibes. Winning several awards for best TV show, and earning a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, Stranger Things will not disappoint you. The sci-fi thriller follows the disappearance of a young boy in a small town, and his quirky friends cannot help but try to solve the mystery. So put aside any plans you had this weekend, and finish season 1 before the release of season 2. Oh, and did we mention Winona Ryder is in it?


Jessica Jones

We know, we know, “a superhero show?” Trust us when we say, Jessica Jones is the badass female lead Netflix needed and will leave you searching for self defense classes online at 3 AM  to be just like her. Season one follows detective, Jessica Jones, as she tries to solve crimes for her business, which are creepy enough, all the while being stalked by a psycho killer who controls minds. She also has a hot and heavy run in with another superhero, Luke Cage, whom is the Webster dictionary definition of a “hunk.” So trust us when we say, this isn’t your normal superhero show. Jessica Jones is the badass we want to be this Halloween.


Schitts Creek

For those that are more into watching a good comedy this season, then Schitts Creek might be the perfect show to binge. We skimmed passed this underrated comedy a few too many times before fully committing, but once we did we never turned back. Schitts Creek is about a very wealthy family that loses all their money and has to move to the very small town of Schitt’s Creek, which they had bought as a joke for the birthday of their son years before. The characters are so over the top compared to anything we have seen before, but it’s surprisingly hilarious to watch. While this show may not have received the best ratings, we guarantee you will find yourself three season deep and a whole bottle of wine in.


Master of None

Did you ever think you would connect on a deep emotional level with Aziz Ansari? Neither did we. That is until we watched Master of None. Dev Shah (played by Ansari) is just your average millennial trying to get through life in New York. You will find him frighteningly relatable as he tries to navigate through life’s experiences. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be extremely disappointed when you realize there are only 10 episodes per season.


Gilmore Girls

If you’re just in the mood to be girly, then we suggest snuggling up with a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and watching the all time classic, Gilmore Girls. The Gilmore Girls follows Lorelai and Rory Gilmore as they navigate through their crazy lives in the eclectic town of Stars Hollow. Rory and Lorelai’s witty and fun relationship is #goals for you and your “future” child, and will have you crying more times than you probably should ever admit. If the 7 seasons (plus the reboot) isn’t too daunting for you, we recommend putting on those embarrassing pajamas your grandma got you and clearing your calendar for the next three months.

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