This week the weather went from 90 degrees to 65 degrees in Southern California, so naturally I panicked and spent like, four days shopping for sweaters. Here are my favorite finds to warm you up on those chilly winter days… and don’t judge me for calling 65 degrees chilly – it’s that California blood, Honey!


The Chenille Any Day Pull-Over from Target (pictured left)

Ok, let’s start with the basics. I bought this classic sweater in two colors because it is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. It’s so soft that people will pet you (I realize this maybe sounds like a living nightmare to some of you, but I need constant attention so for me it’s nice). I love the chunky knit and honestly will probably go back to Target tomorrow to buy two more so I have one in each color. And then I’ll wear them all at once. Is that excessive?


The Bishop Sleeve Fuzzy Pull-Over from Target

Millenial pink + metallic fibers + bishop sleeves = everything I want on my bodyright now. This sweater looks especially beautiful if you add some pink eyeshadow to the mix, like my friend Claire did here. Target is really coming through with some great sweater finds, and I’m not mad about it. Take all my money, Target! Take it!


The Nep Pull-Over in White from Target (pictured left)

I don’t wear white or cream, because I’m terrified of looking like a giant marshmallow. Even so, this sweater won me over, and since day one I’ve received lots of compliments on it from the people who’s opinions matter to me most. The vertical knit combined with the thin material is really slimming, and I love how the material hangs loosely overall but narrows around the elbows. On days when I lack confidence or am feeling down about myself, I usually only wear black. Now, I count this sweater as one of my favorite go-to’s on those hard days.


The Plaid Kimono Cardigan from Dolls Kill

This dark sweater gives the impression of being a heavy, thick knit while actually being very thin: perfect for the girl who lives in a mild climate but dreams of chilly London winters. The print is fun and classy, and easily dresses up an all black outfit. The slits in the sides of this cardigan allow it to sway like a kimono as you walk, creating a nice juxtaposition to the rigid plaid pattern.


Gray Varsity Hashttag In Trend Sweater from Melrose in the OC (pictured left)

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been watching too much Riverdale or what, but I totally dig this sweater’s nod to high school varsity fashion. This sweater stands halfway between sweater and coat, with a tight, sturdy knit and a longer length. The sleeves on this baby are perfect for the California winter, where bundling up just a little too much could mean you’re burning up all day. Unfortunately, I scoured the internet for this bad boy and only found it available to wholesale sellers. You’ll have to check your local boutiques or call up Melrose in the OC to pick up your own. 



Striped Sweater in Oat from Love Stitch

I love this sweater for the way it screams California while still keeping you cozy during those chilly months. The retro stripes remind me of surf shop colors I see all over San Clemente, and the chunky, soft knit feels amazing. If you can’t find this gem in a local boutique that carries Love Stitch like I did, try your hand at Amazon. There is also a hooded version available here.


Where did you get your favorite sweater this season, Honey? Share your finds in the comments below!


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