by Bella Martinez

My twin boys just turned one year old, which means they’re off formula and onto milk and regular food. Cue the horror music, because this so far has been a nightmare for me. Not because they don’t love milk and regular food, but because of the diaper rashes and fussiness that their change in diet has produced. I’ll save that for another post though.

Giving them a bottle of formula as their main source of nutrition was so easy. Now they need three square meals a day (plus snacks) ready as soon as they wake up. With that said, here are my favorite quick and easy baby recipes for the parents in need of more hours in the day.

  1. Cheerios + banana: The easiest meal of them all, and my favorite to make in the morning when I’m still feeling sleepy and lazy. Cheerios are a staple in their diet because they are high in iron and fiber, fill them up and they simply love them!
  2. Oatmeal + apples: To speed up the process use quick oats. Simply chop up the apple into tiny bits and add it into to oatmeal, or use as a side.
  3. Toast + fruit salad: Be sure to chop up the toast really small, and while you’re at it, chop a variety of fruit to make a fruit salad. Remember, babies should not eat circular foods (choking hazard) so cut those grapes and berries up.
  4. Brown rice + beans: I don’t add salt, butter or anything with added sodium and sugar. Don’t be seasoning shy though- add oregano, rosemary, thyme and other spices. I usually use Minute rice and canned beans because it’s much quicker.
  5. Pasta + broccoli: Pasta with sauce is usually Joe’s O’s Pasta from Trader Joe’s, which comes in a can and requires a little heating. Otherwise, if I make pasta or spaghetti for dinner, I give them the plain noodles with steamed broccoli on the side.
  6. Chicken + peas + carrots: Steam the peas and carrots, and open a can of plain chicken salad. I buy chicken salad in a can from Costco, or I make a roasted whole chicken for dinner and chop it up into pieces.
  7. Turkey dogs + bread: Warming turkey dogs in the microwave and chopping them up with some bread is one of the easiest meal plans for a baby. This is my go to on days I’m feeling extra lazy.
  8. Scrambled eggs + avocado: You can cook eggs in the time it takes you to chop an avocado. This meal is high in protein and good fats. Win!
  9. Lentils + mashed potatoes: This one’s a bit messy, but if your children are anything like mine, they will love mashed potatoes. Lentils are also high in iron and fiber, raising iron levels and promoting good digestion.

My boys’ nutritionist recommends they drink 16 oz of whole milk a day, so I include 4 oz of milk with most meals. I will also mix 2 oz of prune juice and 2 oz of water in a sippy cup and give it to them to promote digestion, as their bodies get used to this new diet. I recommend you talk with your baby’s pediatrician to find out what foods are right for your child. Lastly, always remember to chop food into a size that fits your baby.


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