By Stormie Laine Knott

Your twenties are for working hard and playing hard. But fitting late nights in the office, fitness classes, date nights, side hustles, and self care all into one schedule could stress out even the most well-adjusted, organized twenty-something year old (or so I assume- I’ve never met one of those). When you feel like you can’t handle it, reach for that smart phone and get refocused with these five apps that are guaranteed to help you calm the f*ck down, take care of yo’self, & get sh*t done.



If you have anxiety throughout the day, need more focus in your life, or have trouble falling asleep, it’s time to get Headspace. Headspace is a beautifully designed app that teaches you how to get some “headspace” through meditation. The app includes a meditation pack called “Basics” that gets you familiar with meditation, and you can purchase meditation packs that meet specific needs: packs for creative inspiration, sleep, work productivity, anxiety, and depression to name a few.

For me personally, Headspace teaches me how to relax my mind and body, helps me gain focus, gives me more control over my emotions, and most noticeably, improves my sleep cycle. For years, I spent at least an hour trying to wind down for bed every night. Now, with a Headspace meditation while I’m lying in bed, I’m out like a light in 10-20 minutes and feel more rested the next day. I love to incorporate prayer into my times of meditation as well, consciously giving up my thoughts to God while I gain perspective on my life and refocus.



I used to miss therapy sessions all the time because I had too much going on. I suffer from depression, and these mess ups caused me to feel such guilt and embarrassment that I would literally never return to that therapist again. Enter Talkspace: the app that allows you to talk to your therapist throughout the day, every day, for the same price or a little less than traditional therapy. You can talk to your therapist through voice messages, video messages, or text messages, and they respond likewise. For me, this app means I get the care I need at the hours that work best for me, and if I’m in crisis I don’t feel bad reaching out to my therapist right away because there is no “appointment” that I should try to hold out for. Plus, I get to deal with my problems from behind my laptop in the comfort of my own bed, which is a depressed girl’s dream.



Making the choice to pay closer attention to your finances hurts like stepping on a scale for the first time in a few months. But just like stepping on that scale, knowing your financial situation will motivate you to get financially healthy, leaving you with less anxiety and more confidence. If you have no idea where your money is going, you probably need an app like Hiatus. Hiatus finds all your current subscriptions so that you can cancel all the ones you don’t need – you know, that gym membership you bought for your ex, or the Hulu account you bought just so you could watch The Handmaid’s Tale.



For more help with your finances, download an app like Mint. Mint connects to all your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans. With one app you’ll get notifications for upcoming bills, and as you approach your spending budget for various categories such as groceries, clothing, and restaurants.



If you want support in your health journey but feel like you don’t have time for a fitness coach or nutritionist, check out Noom. With just one app you’ll log your daily meals, see what changes you can make to your routine to feel better, set goals with a goal specialist, communicate with a group and group coach daily, and learn weight loss and nutrition tips backed by psychology, science, and sociology. I’ve been using this app for two weeks and I’ve lost five pounds so far! I love having community and coaches involved in my journey to health, and I love the way Noom makes me think critically about my habits and how I can change them.


What apps help you calm the calm the f*ck down, take care of yo’self, & get sh*t done? Share in the comments section below!


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