1. When you open Tinder for the first time since re-entering your hometown and suddenly see every person you went to high school with…


…except some of the smart, cool ones grew up to be kinda hot.


2. When your cousin starts talking about how her high school sweetheart proposed.


3. When your grandma invites you over for “dinner” just so she can set you up with her best friend’s grandson.


4. When your sister asks if it bothers you that your ex just got married…


…and then tries for the seventeenth time to set you up with her husband’s annoying best friend.


5. When your aunt hints that ABC is accepting applications for The Bachelor.


6. When your mom reminds you that hookups are bad…


…but then asks if she’s ever gonna get grandbabies.


7. And finally, when you escape at last to head back to your beautiful, single world.


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