By Sara Martz

It was just your average Thursday. I happened to be walking my dog like I do every Thursday at lunch. A car pulled over and two friends poked their heads out of the window and screamed “BEYONCE IS AT TARGET, GET IN.”

To give you some background, San Clemente is known for its beaches, laid back vibes, and having some of the nicest houses in California. The occasional celebrity sighting is not a rare occurrence considering many celebrities have homes between here and Newport Beach. Many of us even went to school with Ryan Sheckler as Life of Ryan was filming, or were in Laguna Beach when Laguna Beach was on. Friends have stumbled into Adam Sandler at the movies, Will Ferrell on the most popular street in town, Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling getting sushi (not together), and even Bill Murray on occasion.

However, when Beyonce, showed up you better believe this town rallied together. It may have two zip codes, but San Clemente is quite possibly the largest small town in the states.

Everyone knows everyone, everyone hangs out at the same places, and everyone shops at the same shops. So the second Her Majesty showed up at our local Target, everyone knew within 2 minutes of her arrival.

There was zero hesitation from me and my dog when the car stopped. It was like my young pup knew we were in the midst of true royalty. We hopped in, and didn’t even bother with the seat belt for the short 3 minute drive to Target.

Immediately we took note of the numerous blacked out SUVs all lined up in the parking lot. This wasn’t a huge clue, considering many women between the age of 35 and 57 in Talega have blacked out SUVs, but we did consider this a sign that the Queen may still be there.

I waited outside because despite how progressive Target seems to be, my adorable Duck Tolling Retriever is still not allowed in. With a positive outlook on the situation, I figured at least Blue Ivy would come through the exit doors and not be able to resist the sweet face of my dog. “Can I take a picture of you and my dog?” was the sentence I replayed in my brain over and over again.

He was acting abnormally calm and collected as women of all ages passed by to give him pets and to ask me if I had seen Beyonce yet. I tried to play it cool like I wasn’t waiting for her, and each time someone asked I would roll my eyes at the employee emptying the trash cans to be sure he wouldn’t ask me to leave.

My friends came out twenty minutes later looking defeated, and said we should leave. My dog stopped to pee in the bushes on our way to the parking lot, I took it as my one last chance to look back, but she was nowhere to be seen.

I spent the next hour researching the Target in Talega, and any connection it had to Beyonce. I learned she was evacuated from the fires in LA, and came here for shelter in the comfort of our small town. She went to Target to get supplies for her, and her family.

I looked down at my dog from the desk, and his big green eyes stared back at me knowingly. I became thankful I didn’t see her. She needed her space. She came to find refuge in my town, and I hope the Target outing did not damper her view of us. San Clemente is a perfect oasis for those who need to relax and find comfort in the locals. 

In the end Beyonce is just a person like everyone else. Like others who have been evacuated by the fires, Beyonce has needs of her own. They may not be in terms of financial support, but definitely in terms of emotional support. The West Coast Honeys hope you find the peace you need during your stay B.

For our readers we just ask that you please take this time to check out ways you can help others who have been affected by the fires. Check out this website for some ideas: How to help.



When Beyonce Comes To San Clemente

  1. Strange. Yet not really so much even President Nixon lived here. I was raised here and it is not an easy place to leave its beautiful and great weather. Pray for everyone affected by fires this Christmas. God bless their families. And nice to hear she is a good mom! In San Clemente it is mainly Walmart or Target to choose from. Target being the fancier of the 2. ☺☺

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